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Get all AssetEntity belong to the user

Query Parameters
isArchived boolean
isFavorite boolean
skip integer
take integer
updatedAfter date-time
updatedBefore date-time
userId uuid
Header Parameters
if-none-match string

ETag of data already cached on the client

checksum string

base64 encoded sha1 hash

deviceAssetId string
deviceId string
duration string
exifInfo object OPTIONAL
city string OPTIONAL
country string OPTIONAL
dateTimeOriginal date-time OPTIONAL
description string OPTIONAL
exifImageHeight number OPTIONAL
exifImageWidth number OPTIONAL
exposureTime string OPTIONAL
fNumber number OPTIONAL
fileSizeInByte int64 OPTIONAL
focalLength number OPTIONAL
iso number OPTIONAL
latitude number OPTIONAL
lensModel string OPTIONAL
longitude number OPTIONAL
make string OPTIONAL
model string OPTIONAL
modifyDate date-time OPTIONAL
orientation string OPTIONAL
projectionType string OPTIONAL
state string OPTIONAL
timeZone string OPTIONAL
fileCreatedAt date-time
fileModifiedAt date-time
hasMetadata boolean
id string
isArchived boolean
isExternal boolean
isFavorite boolean
isOffline boolean
isReadOnly boolean
isTrashed boolean
libraryId string
livePhotoVideoId string OPTIONAL
localDateTime date-time
originalFileName string
originalPath string
owner object OPTIONAL
avatarColor string

Possible values: [primary, pink, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, gray, amber]

createdAt date-time
deletedAt date-time
email string
id string
isAdmin boolean
memoriesEnabled boolean OPTIONAL
name string
oauthId string
profileImagePath string
quotaSizeInBytes int64
quotaUsageInBytes int64
shouldChangePassword boolean
status string

Possible values: [active, removing, deleted]

storageLabel string
updatedAt date-time
ownerId string
people object[] OPTIONAL
birthDate date
faces object[]
boundingBoxX1 integer
boundingBoxX2 integer
boundingBoxY1 integer
boundingBoxY2 integer
id uuid
imageHeight integer
imageWidth integer
id string
isHidden boolean
name string
thumbnailPath string
resized boolean
smartInfo object OPTIONAL
objects string[] OPTIONAL
tags string[] OPTIONAL
stack (circular)[] OPTIONAL
stackCount integer
stackParentId string OPTIONAL
tags object[] OPTIONAL
id string
name string
type string

Possible values: [OBJECT, FACE, CUSTOM]

userId string
thumbhash string
type string

Possible values: [IMAGE, VIDEO, AUDIO, OTHER]

updatedAt date-time