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· 4 min read
Alex Tran

Hello, Immich fans, another month, another milestone. We hope you are staying cool and safe in this scorching hot summer across the globe.

Immich recently got some good recognition when getting to the front page of HackerNews, which helped to let more people know about the project's existence. The project will help more and more people find a solution to control the privacy of their most precious moments. And with the gain in popularity and recognition, we have gotten new users and more questions from the community than ever.

I want to express my gratitude to all the contributors and the community who have been tremendously helpful to new users' questions and provided technical support.

Below are the highlights of new features we added to the application over the past month, along with countless bug fixes and improvements across the board, from developer experience to resource optimization and UI/UX improvement. I hope you find these topics as exciting as I am.


  • Memories feature.
  • Facial recognition improvements.
  • Improvements on multi selection behavior on the web.
  • Shortcuts for common actions on the web.
  • Support viewer for 360-panorama photos.

· 6 min read
Alex Tran

Hello everybody, Alex here!

I am back with another update on Immich. It has been only a month since my last update (May 18th, 2023), but it seems forever. I think the rapid releases of Immich and the amount of work make the perspective of time change in Immich’s world. We have some exciting updates that I think you will like.

Before going into detail, on behalf of the core team, I would like to thank all of you for loving Immich and contributing to the project. Thank you for helping me make Immich an enjoyable alternative solution to Google Photos so that you have complete control of your data and privacy. I know we are still young and have a lot of work to do, but I am confident we will get there with help from the community. I appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart!

· 3 min read
Alex Tran

Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to deliver the new release of Immich to you. The team has been working hard to bring you the new features and improvements. This release includes some big features that the community has been asking since the beginning of Immich. We hope you will enjoy it.

Some notable features are: