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Hardware and software requirements for Immich



You can also use Podman to run the application. However, additional configuration might be required.


  • OS: Preferred unix-based operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, etc). Windows works too, with Docker Desktop on Windows
  • RAM: At least 2GB, preferred 4GB.
  • CPU: At least 2 cores, preferred 4 cores.
Machine Learning on older CPU

The TensorFlow version used by Immich doesn't run on older CPU architectures. It requires a CPU with AVX and AVX2 instruction sets. If you encounter the error illegal instruction core dump check your CPU flags with the command below and make sure you see avx and avx2:

grep -E 'avx2?' /proc/cpuinfo


If you are running virtualization in Proxmox, the CPU type of the VM is probably configured incorrectly.

You need to change the CPU type from kvm64 to host under VMs hardware tab.

Hardware > Processors > Edit > Advanced > Type (dropdown menu) > host

Other platforms

You can use the machine learning image that is built for Non-AVX CPU. The image is community maintained and can be found in the repository below

Otherwise, you can safely remove the immich-machine-learning service if you do not intend to use Immich's object detection features. Simply remove or comment out the declaration of the service in your compose file.