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Immich Update - July 2023

· 4 min read
Alex Tran
Maintainer of Immich

Hello, Immich fans, another month, another milestone. We hope you are staying cool and safe in this scorching hot summer across the globe.

Immich recently got some good recognition when getting to the front page of HackerNews, which helped to let more people know about the project's existence. The project will help more and more people find a solution to control the privacy of their most precious moments. And with the gain in popularity and recognition, we have gotten new users and more questions from the community than ever.

I want to express my gratitude to all the contributors and the community who have been tremendously helpful to new users' questions and provided technical support.

Below are the highlights of new features we added to the application over the past month, along with countless bug fixes and improvements across the board, from developer experience to resource optimization and UI/UX improvement. I hope you find these topics as exciting as I am.


  • Memories feature.
  • Facial recognition improvements.
  • Improvements on multi selection behavior on the web.
  • Shortcuts for common actions on the web.
  • Support viewer for 360-panorama photos.

Memories feature

We've added the memory feature on the mobile app, so you can reminisce about your past memories.

Facial recognition improvements

Over the past few releases, we have added many UI improvements to the facial recognition feature to help you manage the recognized people better. Some of the highlights:

Choose a new feature photo for a person.

Hide and show faces.

You can now select irrelevant faces to hide them. The hidden faces won’t be displayed in search results and the people section in the info panel.

Merge faces.

This is useful when you have multiple faces of the same person in your photos, and you want to merge them into one.

We also added a nifty mechanism that when naming a face, similar names will prompt you a merge face option for the convenience.

Improvements on multi selection behavior on the web

We have added a new multi selection behavior on the web to help you select multiple items easier. You can now select a range of photos and videos by holding the Shift key.

Shortcuts for common actions on the web.

Some of us only navigate the world and the web with a keyboard (looking at you, Vim and Emacs users). So it would take away the sacred weapon of choice to require many clicks to perform repetitive actions. So we added quick shortcuts for the following action on the web.

Dot Env Example

Support viewer for 360-panorama photos.

Photos with the EXIF property of ProjectionType will now have a special viewer on the web to view all the angles of the panorama.

The thumbnail of the 360 degrees panoramas will have a special icon on the top right of the thumbnail

Dot Env Example

Panorama in the detail view

Dot Env Example

Thank you, and I am asking for your support for the project. I hope to be a full-time maintainer of Immich one day to dedicate myself to the project as my life's work for the community and my family. You can find the support channels below:

  • Monthly donation via GitHub Sponsors
  • One-time donation via GitHub Sponsors
  • Liberapay
  • buymeacoffee
  • Bitcoin: 3QVAb9dCHutquVejeNXitPqZX26Yg5kxb7
  • Give a project a star - the contributors love gazing at the stars and seeing their creations shining in the sky.

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Until next time!