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Community Projects

This page lists community projects that are built around Immich, but not officially supported by the development team.


This list comes with no guarantees about security, performance, reliability, or accuracy. Use at your own risk.


An alternative to the immich-CLI that doesn't depend on nodejs. It specializes in importing Google Photos Takeout archives.


Run an Immich slideshow in a photo frame.

API Album Sync

A Python script to sync folders as albums.

Remove offline files

A simple way to remove orphaned offline assets from the Immich database

Create albums from folders

A Python script to create albums based on the folder structure of an external library.


Provides scripts for handling problems on the repair page.

Lightroom Publisher: mi.Immich.Publisher

Lightroom plugin to publish photos from Lightroom collections to Immich albums.

Immich Duplicate Finder

Webapp that uses machine learning to identify near-duplicate images.


Script to search for and remove TikTok videos from your Immich library.

Immich Android TV

Unofficial Immich Android TV app.

Powershell Module PSImmich

Powershell Module for the Immich API