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Server Commands

The immich-server docker image comes preinstalled with an administrative CLI (immich-admin) that supports the following commands:

helpDisplay help
reset-admin-passwordReset the password for the admin user
disable-password-loginDisable password login
enable-password-loginEnable password login
enable-oauth-loginEnable OAuth login
disable-oauth-loginDisable OAuth login
list-usersList Immich users

How to run a command

To run a command, connect to the immich_server container and then execute the command via immich-admin <command>.


Reset Admin Password

immich-admin reset-admin-password
Found Admin:
- ID=e65e6f88-2a30-4dbe-8dd9-1885f4889b53
- OAuth ID=
- [email protected]
- Name=Immich Admin
? Please choose a new password (optional) immich-is-cool
The admin password has been updated.

Disable Password Login

immich-admin disable-password-login
Password login has been disabled.

Enable Password Login

immich-admin enable-password-login
Password login has been enabled.

Enable OAuth login

immich-admin enable-oauth-login
OAuth login has been enabled.

Disable OAuth login

immich-admin disable-oauth-login
OAuth login has been disabled.

List Users

immich-admin list-users
id: 'e65e6f88-2a30-4dbe-8dd9-1885f4889b53',
email: '[email protected]',
name: 'Immich Admin',
storageLabel: 'admin',
externalPath: null,
profileImagePath: 'upload/profile/e65e6f88-2a30-4dbe-8dd9-1885f4889b53/e65e6f88-2a30-4dbe-8dd9-1885f4889b53.jpg',
shouldChangePassword: true,
isAdmin: true,
createdAt: 2023-07-11T20:12:20.602Z,
deletedAt: null,
updatedAt: 2023-09-21T15:42:28.129Z,
oauthId: '',
memoriesEnabled: true