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Database GUI

A short guide on connecting pgAdmin to Immich.


In order to connect to the database the immich_postgres container must be running.

The passwords and usernames used below match the ones specified in the example .env file. If changed, please use actual values instead.

Optional: To connect to the database outside of your Docker's network:

  • Expose port 5432 in your docker-compose.yml file.
  • Edit the PostgreSQL pg_hba.conf file.
  • Make sure your firewall does not block access to port 5432. Note that exposing the database port increases the risk of getting attacked by hackers.
    Make sure to remove the binding port after finishing the database's tasks.

1. Install pgAdmin

Download and install pgAdmin following the official documentation.

2. Add a Server

Open pgAdmin and click "Add New Server".

3. Enter Connection Details

Host name/addresslocalhost
Maintenance databaseimmich

4. Save Connection

Click on "Save" to connect to the Immich database.


View Database Queries for common database queries.