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Remote Machine Learning

To alleviate performance issues on low-memory systems like the Raspberry Pi, you may also host Immich's machine-learning container on a more powerful system (e.g. your laptop or desktop computer):

  • Set the URL in Machine Learning Settings on the Admin Settings page to point to the designated ML system, e.g. http://workstation:3003.
  • Copy the following docker-compose.yml to your ML system.
  • Start the container by running docker compose up -d.

Starting with version v1.93.0 face detection work and face recognize were split. From now on face detection is done in the immich_machine_learning service, but facial recognition is done in the immich_microservices service.


The file also needs to be in the same folder if trying to use hardware acceleration.

version: '3.8'

container_name: immich_machine_learning
# For hardware acceleration, add one of -[armnn, cuda, openvino] to the image tag.
# Example tag: ${IMMICH_VERSION:-release}-cuda
# extends:
# file:
# service: # set to one of [armnn, cuda, openvino, openvino-wsl] for accelerated inference - use the `-wsl` version for WSL2 where applicable
- model-cache:/cache
restart: always
- 3003:3003


Please note that version mismatches between both hosts may cause instabilities and bugs, so make sure to always perform updates together.