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Immich - Self-hosted photos and videos backup tool


Hello, I am glad you are here.

My name is Alex. I am an Electrical Engineer by schooling, then turned into a Software Engineer by trade and the pure love of problem solving.

We were lying in bed with our newborn, and my wife said, "We are starting to accumulate a lot of photos and videos of our baby, and I don't want to pay for App-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named anymore. You always want to build something for me, so why don't you build me an app which can do that?"

That was how the idea started to grow in my head. After that, I began to find existing solutions in the self-hosting space with similar backup functionality and the performance level of the App-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named. I found that the current solutions mainly focus on the gallery-type application. However, I want a simple-to-use backup tool with a native mobile app that can view photos and videos efficiently. So I set sail on this journey as a hungry engineer on the hunt.

Another motivation that pushed me to deliver my execution of the App-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named alternative or replacement is for contributing back to the open source community that I have greatly benefited from over the years.

I'm proud to share this creation with you, which values privacy, memories, and the joy of looking back at those moments in an easy-to-use and friendly interface.

If you like the application or it helps you in some way, please consider supporting the project. It will help me to continue to develop and maintain the application.