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Partner Sharing

Sharing specific assets

For sharing a specific set of assets, you can use the shared album feature of Immich.

Immich allows you to share your library with other users. They can then view your library and download the assets. You can manage Partner Sharing from the User Settings page on the web.

Partner Sharing includes:

  • Access to all non-archived and trashed photos and videos.
  • Access to all metadata, including GPS information.
  • Access to share assets via shared links, albums, etc.

Partner sharing is one-way. To view your partner's assets, they must also share them with you.

Sharing with a Partner


Partner sharing may result in displaying duplicate assets on the main timeline.

Viewing Partner Assets

Access partner assets via the Sharing page.

Timeline Integration

Partner shared photos can be displayed in the main timeline. This feature can be enabled on a per-partner basis and can be viewed and updated on both the web and mobile app.


Account Settings -> Sharing -> Show in timeline

Mobile App:

From the partner’s view, on the top right corner of the app bar

Removing Access

In order to remove a partner, you can go to User -> Account Settings -> Sharing and click on the X button.